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Hi! We're Marie and Josh, two nerds who love being outdoors, exploring new places and enjoying all life has to offer. We sold our house, bought an RV and hit the road full time in 2014. Join us as we traverse the US and chronicle the adventures of working nomadically.

Marfa Paisano Pass

Miles of Mountains at Marfa

On Valentine’s Day, we packed up our rig in Del Rio after only staying a week and took off for Marfa, Texas. About Marfa Once a dying West Texas town, Marfa was revived in the last few decades as a mecca for minimalist art. Although its population is only around 2,000, there are art galleries aplenty, and lots to see.…

Glidden Tropical Lagoon

RV Makeover: Bathroom Edition

Even though there’s a growing population of young folks — especially families — buying RVs and even going full-time, the primary target demographic remains a bit older than us. So to spruce up our RV’s interior a bit, we’ve started painting and reupholstering. Cue the new Ardent Camper blog post series intro music. It’s time for… RV Makeover: Bathroom Edition! Before…

Goodbye, Houston

Goodbye, Houston!

Ardent Camper’s website may have been quiet for the last few weeks, but life has been anything but. On Saturday, we officially left Houston. And we don’t expect to be back until the holidays. It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing we’re adventure-bound but leaving family and good friends behind. But first, let’s back up a little bit, because the last time…