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Hi! We're Marie & Josh

...and we’re doing things a little bit differently. We sold our house, bought an RV and are working full-time as we romp around the United States of America.

As digital nomads, the view out of our windows changes every couple of weeks, and near-ubiquitous Internet connectivity allows us to work from almost anywhere.

We love sharing our stories with you, with plenty of instruction and inspiration along the way for those aspiring to hit the road.

current home:
Willow, Alaska

What We're Up To

Snow canyon sp utah

Petrified Sand Dunes and Lava Tubes at Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

July 2, 2015 by Marie filed under Journey

Ascend to majestic viewpoints or tunnel beneath the earth at this hidden gem of a state park in Utah. Read More →

On the Practical Side

Banks mountain british colu

15 Tips for Driving Your RV to Alaska

July 1, 2015 by Marie filed under Informational

With thousands of miles and countless adventures in the future, driving an RV to Alaska is an exciting proposition, but it requires some preparation work and managed expectations. These tips will set you on the right course. Learn More →

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