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Hi! We're Marie & Josh

...and we’re doing things a little bit differently. We sold our house, bought an RV and are working full-time as we romp around the United States of America.

As digital nomads, the view out of our windows changes every couple of weeks. Near-ubiquitous Internet connectivity allows us to work from almost anywhere.

We love sharing our stories with you, with plenty of instruction and inspiration along the way for those aspiring to hit the road.

current home:
Roswell, New Mexico

What We're Up To

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Year Two Retrospective: Where We've Been

November 25, 2016 by Marie filed under Journey

It's amazing how much ground you can cover in two years, and how many memories you can make. We look back on our time on the road (so far) and celebrate the highlights. Read More →

On the Practical Side


Ardent Camper Interviewed on The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

March 7, 2017 by Marie filed under Informational

Marie was interviewed on The RV Entrepreneur podcast about building a business that allows her to work remotely and travel the world -- and about her best RV experiences so far. Learn More →

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