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Hi! We're Marie and Josh, two nerds who love being outdoors, exploring new places and enjoying all life has to offer. We bought an RV, are selling our house and will be hitting the road full time. Join us as we traverse the US and chronicle the adventures of working nomadically.

Sale Pending House

RV Transition Update

It has been a wild few weeks as we have been getting ready to trade our stationary lives in Houston for a non-stop, full-time-working adventure on the road. Here’s what’s up. We moved We finished getting everything out of our house, which ended up being a huge endeavor — even despite having gotten rid of a lot of stuff through a garage…

Lost Mine Trail, Big Bend National Park

5 Bucket List Hikes

I’m what you’d call a recreational hiker. It’s hard to be anything more when you live in Houston, Texas, which is 50 miles above sea level and an 8 hour drive to the closest mountain. But I have aspirations of hiking more, of living near mountains, of having easy access to those big hunks of rock that are always beckoning…

Garage Sale Shoppers Welcome

Welcome, Garage Sale Shoppers!

If you’re reaching my blog today after shopping at our yard sale, welcome to Ardent Camper. You probably didn’t realize, as you were browsing the books and knickknacks, that you were helping my husband Josh and me achieve our dream of becoming nomadic, full-time travelers. Thank you for supporting us! In a few months, we’ll be selling our house and…

Camping at Home Tent Setup

How to Camp at Home

Sometimes when you have the camping bug, circumstances are not in your favor. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say. You don’t have to rely on local parks’ availability or good weather to go camping. How to camp at home First, pitch the tent. You can do it in the back yard or in the house, if…

Hammock in Village Creek State Park

Prepping for Hammock Camping

It’s still hot here in Houston. We’re talking temperatures in the upper 90s to lower 100s with high humidity and forecasted thunderstorms every day in the forecast. Because of the heat, camping’s not on my radar just yet — not until conditions become more bearable in late September and October. Still, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. While the rest…