If you're like me, you wish you were camping at every opportunity. The reality, of course, is usually very different — which is why I like to incorporate the use of camping supplies in my everyday life.

In the same way, I love wearing clothes that remind me of the woods, of being on the trail, of exploring new places.

The honest truth is that when I go camping, I don't look so hot. I dress for utility and comfort — for keeping the bugs away, for staying cool in the Texas heat and for protecting my skin against the sun's rays and thorny underbrush. I wear giant hiking boots, and I totally rock the zip-off look. My hair is usually in pigtails that make me look a minimum of fifteen years younger than I actually am.

In short, it's not my best look. See?

Oh yeah. 2000s-era fleece.

Oh yeah. 2000s-era fleece.

But that doesn't stop me from having ideas of what would look good in the woods — if only it were just as comfortable and practical. Here are some of my favorite camping-inspired looks for everyday wear — or perhaps for casual glamping! 


So much more presentable!

These camping-inspired clothes and accessories walk the line between comfy and glamorous, fresh and vintage, and they're certain to make you long for the woods. In this look:

What are your favorite everyday styles that remind you of camping? Post in the comments.

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