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Review: Escapees RVers’ Boot Camp

Intimidated by the idea of driving a big honking RV for the first time (not to mention living in it), I attended an informational RV bootcamp by Escapees.

How to Camp at Home

Obsessed with camping but can’t get away? Why not camp in your own home? Yes, I am THIS nerdy. This is how I’ve done it.

Prepping for Hammock Camping

Dream of swinging in the trees? I’m contemplating hammock camping, so here’s my list of pros and cons and how I’m prepping.

For Camping Travel, Think like a Texan

It’s a LONG drive from one end of Texas to the other, and I’ve explored so much of it while living in Houston. What could you explore if you welcomed longer drives from your home?

Five Books to Inspire Campers

Over the years, I’ve gotten plenty of inspiration, knowledge, and enjoyment out of camping-related books. Here are some of my favorites.