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The RV Is Sold!

Well, folks, this blog got quiet. And that’s because Josh’s and my lives totally changed.

In 2017, we decided we were ready to end the nomadic phase of our lives and put down roots. Our goal was always to find a great place to land, so we were thrilled to purchase a house just outside of Albuquerque. We’ve been settling in for a while now.

This doesn’t mean we’ve become strangers to adventure. We’ve been exploring our new state, hiking #allthetrails, and traveling lots. We’ve even adopted a new pup, Maya.

Newest member of the pack, Maya

But since few of our current adventures involve the RV, we made the decision to sell the rig. It was bittersweet, but ultimately the right choice.

*UPDATE: AUGUST 8, 2018* In just 1 week, we found a buyer! This post used to be advertising the RV, but I edited it to reflect specs, features, and upgrades I really love — and why full-timers should consider them.

Great Floorplan

In the first RV, a 38′ 5th wheel, the floorplan was great… so long as the slides were out. The second they came in, it became impossible to access anything but the kitchen sink, the bathroom, and the bed. (Not even the whole bedroom — I couldn’t get into the drawers or closet — just the bed.) No access to the chairs, the fridge, storage spaces, nothing.

When we switched to our 32′ Fleetwood Southwind Class A, we prioritized finding a rig with a great floorplan, whether the slide was in or not. That’s exactly what we got! Sure, there’s more living space when the slide is out, but nothing is inaccessible or uncomfortable when the slide is in. (Plus, our 1-slide model granted us bedside tables, which we were sorely missing before. It’s the little things!) We also took out the recliner and replaced it with a sit/stand desk while we were living in it.

This is as cramped as it gets, when the slide is in


Not all full-timers care about how dry camping-friendly their rig is, but we definitely did. When we first purchased the RV, we knew it’d be a great boondocking machine, even before we installed solar panels and lithium batteries. Here’s how:

  • At just under 33′ long, we knew it was small enough to fit in most spots
  • With 100 gallon fresh water capacity, 60 gallons grey water capacity, and 40 gallons black water capacity, we’d be able to stay off the grid for a long time
  • With over 2,800 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, we wouldn’t have to downsize our already meager belongings
  • There was lots of blank space on the roof, meaning it’d be easy to find room for lots and lots of solar panels
  • It had quick get-up-and-go, with electric jacks and just 1 slide. That meant we could move from site to site if needed, without too much hassle
So much solar!

Upgradability and Condition

We made a bunch more upgrades to the RV, including a sweet solar setup (780 watts solar, 400 ah lithium batteries, 3000 watt inverter), toooooons of stabilization and engine power upgrades to make it easier to drive, swapped all interior lights for LEDs, took out the old tube TVs and replaced them with flat screens (and a smart TV), and more.

Equally attractive was the great shape the RV was in when we got it. No water damage or dry rot. Brand new roof and new tires. Clean interior. Lotsa storage capacity. Low mileage. All of that stuff matters!

What are you looking for in an RV? It can be big stuff or small stuff; we want to hear it! Your comment could be a huge help for RV shoppers.

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