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Year Two Retrospective: Where We’ve Been

It has been two years since Josh and I moved full-time into an RV.

We started our illustrious journey in a repair shop parking lot, freaking out over our first disastrous dumping attempt.

And that memorable, (now) hilarious beginning has made all the incredible moments all the more precious. And there have been MANY incredible moments.

Among our favorites so far:

Watching the sunset in Big Bend National Park‘s Chisos Basin
Being conquered by Flagstaff‘s Humphreys Peak in the late spring snow (and also when the blog switched to larger-format images!)
Laying eyes on the magnificent Grand Canyon, a bucketlist item
Boondocking for the first time in Sedona, Arizona
Crossing the Alaska border at midnight to this incredible sunset
Making lifelong friends in Fairbanks
Seward, Alaska. Just, like, generally.
Exploring a glacier. Also just, like, generally.
Falling hard-core in love with Washington
Boondocking with some of the world’s best people near Quartzsite, Arizona
Eating ourselves absolutely silly on the Oregon coast

It’s hard to quantify these experiences and others, but we’ve done our best with our annual infographic.

This year, we spent quite a bit more time on the grid than last year because we were in touristy areas during the high season. But we spent 3 weeks fewer in repair shops this go-round, and we paid $2 less per day than last year.

As we mentioned in one of our recent posts, we’re working towards finding a home base. (Still nothing to report; we’re enjoy the holidays with family first). We’ll no longer be RVing full-time, but you can’t keep us from traveling!

We’re looking forward to what adventures next year will bring. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

What were your best memories from the past year?

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