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Hatchery Boondocking in Idaho

After leaving the Seattle area, we began our journey back towards Texas for the holidays, stopping along the way in Idaho.

We had stayed in Twin Falls for one night last spring, and that brief visit had convinced us there was lots to see and do in the area.

I’d headed to freecampsites.net to see if there was any free boondocking to be had nearby. Turns out there was.

Hayspur State Fish Hatchery

Our home for the better part of a week was Hayspur State Fish Hatchery, which produces rainbow trout.

The hatchery, itself

Established in 1907 and holding the title of Idaho’s first hatchery, Hayspur is located just south of the state’s Sun Valley area.

Fishing lagoon

Known as a ski resort in the winter, Sun Valley is certainly worth visiting in the warmer months as well.

View from the hatchery

We didn’t have a chance to spend much time in the towns beyond restocking the pantry and repairing the truck, but our brief drives around the area hinted at its beauty.

Trophy fishing stream

There was a short trail that went alongside the stream, and Gabby and I walked it every day.

On the not-so-straight and narrow

Boondocking at the hatchery is free, although there is a donation box. Lush trees provide shade, and a large field offers uninterrupted views of the sun for those with solar panels.

I made a wish to return

One word of warning to those with tall RVs (we were over 13′ and had this problem): the trees eventually get too low for you to continue on the road, so choose a campsite to land in or cut through before this happens. Otherwise, you’ll have to back up a few dozen feet like we did.

Have you camped at a hatchery before? Did you fish or engage in other activities?

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