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Taking the Plunge: Selling Our House

Oh man. I don’t think our house has ever been this clean.

We found all kinds of weird stuff we had been keeping for move after move. In the past, we’d packed and schlepped these things over and over. Now we’re just asking “Why?!”

We had shelves upon shelves of books we’d already read and didn’t plan to re-read. We had decor we didn’t like anymore, furniture that wasn’t comfortable. We even had a 20-year-old Dallas Cowboys commemorative unopened box of Wheaties. Oh yes.

Hopefully, we won’t be able to enjoy the tidy state it’s in for long, because today our house went on the market.

For sale!

We’ve brought it a long way from what it looked like when we bought it in February, 2012.

Front door
Living room
Looking from living room to converted garage that would become Josh’s office
Dining area
Guest room that would become my office
Main bedroom

After we got our grubby paws on it, it looked like this!

No more scary iron bars
Take a seat
The glass doors lead to Josh’s office
We never de-yellowed the ceiling in the kitchen, but it still looks fresher
Where the magic happens (my office)
Bedroom complete with reading nook

This didn’t happen overnight, of course. We put in a lot of grunt work and elbow grease painting the walls and cabinets, installing closet systems and cultivating the yard. We had some amazing friends help us out, too, especially right after we purchased.

Painting the day we bought it
Josh getting his sander ready

In this house, we made some great memories.

We had our wedding after party here
We celebrated the holidays with family
We enjoyed what counts as snow in Houston

We love our neighborhood, which is located just a block from one of the coolest parts of Houston. And we love living close to our friends.

In a lot of ways, we’re going to miss our first house. We’ve really made it our own, and we have enjoyed the experience of home ownership.But we’re excited to move on, too.

Here are the steps we’ve taken towards a nomadic lifestyle

We still need to

  • Actually sell the house
  • Buy a truck to tow the 5th wheel
  • Wrap up a couple of location-dependent client projects
  • Make a few renovations to our 5th wheel
  • Get mobile internet options sorted out
  • Obtain a forwarding address and sort out other logistics
  • Attend RV Boot Camp in November
  • Do one final round of doctor visits, eye exams, dental cleanings, etc. before we hit the road

Anything we’re forgetting? Probably! Let us know your thoughts. And if you know anyone who is looking for a house in Houston, send ’em our way.

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