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Vintage Camping Finds on Historic Route 66

If you’re a glamping enthusiast, you know that resale, antique, and vintage shops can be great places to discover gear and supplies that add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your home away from home.

Not surprisingly, Route 66 is full of unique finds. This historic road runs through the heart of Amarillo, Texas, and a stretch of it near downtown is awash with bars, diners, gift shops, vintage stores, and antique malls.

Blue skies overhead Amarillo’s 6th Street

I went with a small budget but wide eyes, but there was plenty that I wanted to take home with me! Check out a few of the treasures I discovered below.

Featured shops include:

Your clothes will stay sparkly clean while you glamp thanks to this vintage washboard.
Your tent floor will stay grunge-free with a tiny, adorable hand broom.
You’ll keep yourself tidy courtesy of the soap you’ll store in this adorable 1950s aluminum travel box.
Keep the way lit and the campsite cozy with oil lamps.
Cozy comfort is the name of the game when you’re cocooned in hand-made quilts inside your tent.
When you venture outside, steaming coffee will be waiting for you by the campfire in one of these metal mugs.
Cowboys can slip into western glamping style with this leather vest and hat.
This canteen and lantern will keep you safe and looking awesome.

What wonderful vintage camping and glamping finds have you discovered in antique shops? Have you ever been on Amarillo’s 6th Street? Let me know in the comments.

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