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Endless Days in Fairbanks, Alaska

We arrived in Fairbanks with a couple of days to spare before the famous Midnight Sun baseball game, so we spent time hanging out with other RVing friends and exploring our surroundings.

Pioneer Park

Our home for several nights was the parking lot of Pioneer Park, a Fairbanks city park that was established for the centennial of the Alaska Purchase.

Parking is paid with no hookups, although potable water is available on-site. The best thing about the park is its central location with easy access to all of Fairbanks’ attractions.

We were excited to be at the middle of an epic meetup of other blogging RVers.

From left to right: the RVs of Tales from the Mutiny, The Snowmads, JenEric Ramblings, Ardent Camper and The Learning Banks

We took some time to explore Pioneer Park, too, which is free to the public and open day and night. Only there wasn’t really a night to speak of.

Entrance to the park
Historic buildings from Fairbanks have been brought here and set up in a village
This steam-powered shovel has been all over, from Hawaii to Alaska
SS Tenana, the world’s second-largest wooden-hulled boat
Tour the Nenana’s steam room
The Nenana is also home to a museum of miniatures depicting the early settlements in the area
If up-in-the-air history is more your thing, check out the Pioneer Air Museum
If you want something pseudo-hands-on, try your hand at dog sledding
This is either that wild log flume ride at Disney or a working gold rush-era sluice gate
This train observation car once bore President Harding
The name of Pioneer Park’s train seems right out of East Tennessee to me

Play Ball! Midnight Sun Baseball Game

On the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, Fairbanks celebrated the 110th Midnight Sun baseball game, and we were there to cheer on the Fairbanks Goldpanners.

Step right up!

The name is a bit of a misnomer, as the game starts a couple of hours before midnight.

Our tickets were for left field, where we sat in the grass and watched the players from the baseline. The stands were sparse, but they were packed.

We were in spitting distance of the bullpen

Our group of RVers staged a peaceful takeover of left field.

If you’re not following these fine blogs and checking out their own Alaska adventures, hop to it!

From left to right: Josh and me, Clark and Lynn of Tales from the Mutiny, Beth (and Taylor, not pictured) of The Learning Banks, Nikki and Jason of Gone With The Wynns, Eric (and Jeanette at the far right) of JenEric Ramblings, and Cherie and Chris of Technomadia. Not pictured are Kristin and Jason of The Snowmads.

RVers unite! Photo courtesy Tales from the Mutiny.

We had to document the brightness of the sky as the midnight pitch was struck…

…and of course we had to get a midnight baseball selfie

As we left the Goldpanners’ stadium (they totally beat the Seattle Studs, by the way), the sun finally dipped below the horizon, and it got as dark as it would ever get that evening.

360 degrees of sunset… or is it sunrise?

After the game ended, wildfire smoke moved in, obscuring the sun and limiting our ability to use solar power, so it was time to move on down the road.

Pioneer Park carousel in the wildfire haze

Have you visited Alaska during the Summer Solstice and cheered on the Goldpanners at the Midnight Sun Baseball Game?

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