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New Year’s Resolutions for Campers

I’ve never really been one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I find that when it comes to the activities I love but don’t seem to ever have enough time for, making goals gives me direction.

Like cairns, these New Year’s resolutions for campers will keep you on the right track for a great year of outdoor adventures.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you may have already achieved these, but here are a few resolution ideas to get you going. The key is for the goals you set, no matter your experience level, to be realistic and measurable.

  • Save up for and purchase the one piece of equipment that is holding you back. Don’t forget to check out REI garage sales and other discount options to help you reach your goal faster.
  • Go camping by yourself. Note this should only be done if you have experience camping, have all of the proper equipment, and let family and friends know where you’ll be and for how long.
  • Go on a bike, motorcycle, canoe, or kayak camping trip. Again, make sure you have the right equipment before you set out.
  • Camp in a haunted location. This may be best saved for October, but there’s definitely a thrill that comes from camping in a haunted area. The one time I did this is the one reason I tell people I don’t not believe in ghosts. Seriously.
  • Go snow camping or beach camping. Two extremes!
  • Take a spelunking or caving trip. So long as your guide is good and you can get over the claustrophobia, this is an awesome activity, even for nervous first-timers.
  • Camp under the stars. Whether you’re in a hammock or simply in a sleeping bag on a tarp, enjoy the nighttime sky without a tent blocking your view. Just make sure you take proper care with wildlife!
  • Go camping in the back yard. This is a great goal for families with kids who haven’t had much camping experience, as well as the outdoor lovers who just don’t have time for a drive to their favorite campground. Once you’re snug in your tent, you’ll forget you’re so close to all your favorite creature comforts.
  • Pick up Geocaching. This activity is fun for all ages and is a superb compliment to hiking.

What camping-related New Year’s resolutions are on your list? Have you had any success with meeting them in the past?

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