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RV Museum Is a Step Back in Time

Amarillo, Texas is a city with surprising treasures in store for those who take the time to seek them out. One such treasure is the Jack Sisemore RV Museum.

Located on Mr. Sisemore’s expansive motorhome sales lot, the museum is free to the public and will definitely get you hooked on vintage campers if you aren’t already. To view it, simply inquire at the front desk, and they’ll lead you through a maze of campers for sale to the museum.

When you leave, you’ll have an opportunity to sign his guest book; the number of places visitors are from all around the world is staggering.

His collection boasts some impressive models, but visitors will be mostly thrilled about their ability to step into these time capsules on wheels and explore campers decades old for themselves.

The oldest trailer featured in the museum is one of five Lampsteed Kampkars ever built. Dating back to 1921, it is designed to hook onto a Model T, and it’s shown rigged up in all its glory in the exhibition space.

Interior view of 1921 Lampsteed Kampkar.

The museum is also home to one of the first pop up tent trailers that was ever built — back in 1937. Where as all of the Kozy Kamp trailers were painted dark green, Mr. Sisemore’s is blue, painted in the 1950s to match its former family’s Cadillac’s paint job.

1937 Kozy Kamp Pop Up trailer all decked out for an indoor picnic.

Oh, how I’d love to have one of these!

Not only is this tear drop trailer adorably compact and beautifully restored, but it has a great story, too. These trailers were built out of extra aluminum initially meant for the war effort, and many of their wheels were riddled with bullet holes that had to be repaired before the units could be sold.

Sleeping inside and cooking in the back is the designated arrangement for this beautiful 1946 tear drop Kit trailer.

Ever see the Robin Williams movie RV? Well, now you can step into a piece of the set. The Jack Sisemore RV Museum is home to the 1948 Flxible Bus that featured in the movie.

It’s a little piece of Hollywood in Amarillo.

1948 Flxible Bus is motorhome that featured in the movie “RV.”

This well-maintained Airstream trailer is just about as good as new. It was a much-coveted brand in the 1960s, and it remains such today, due to its space-age metallic finish and classic shape.

1962 Airstream Bambi looks about as sweet as a doe.

The museum’s 1960s Volkswagon van couldn’t be more picture-perfect. With its ragged paint job and added peace-and-love character, it is ready-made for any hippie.

1967 VW Van is all about love and peace — and camping joy.

Each trailer in the collection has truly been transformed into a time capsule through meticulous restoration and the placement of authentic camping supplies of the period, from lanterns to food tins.

At Jack Sisemore’s RV Museum, each camper is its own adorable time capsule, ready to take its admirers back in time.

Vintage camping supplies.

Do you own a vintage RV? Have you been to this museum? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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